A Business Idea behind the Success of Many Telecom Companies in Cambodia

Confucius said, “Greatness is not achieved by never falling, but by rising each time we fall.”

Like many other successful businessmen, Chheang Sopheak strongly believes in this philosophy. Sopheak is the founder of Asia Master and was a president of JCI Phnom Penh 2012. I personally know him through our philanthropic activities such as Let’s Do It Phnom Penh 2012, charity, and so on.

I didn’t know what type of business he was running. I thought he might just be doing businesses like other business people in Cambodia do: restaurants, import and export, or real estate. Going beyond others’ understanding, in contrast, he is calmly and humbly doing a business which very few people in Cambodia are capable of, Mobile Content and Call Center Service Provider.

Sopheak graduated from Norton University in 2002 with a bachelor degree of Business Administration, majoring in Marketing. He likes learning from others and surfing the Internet which, one day, it brought him the idea of providing mobile content to telecom companies in Cambodia. He presented his idea to many people. But what he got were mocking and teasing words, not only because he had no skills and experience in information technology, but also because his concept was not understood. Luckily, two of whom understood his idea and agreed to work with him.

They started small which was about USD10,000. He was able to provide only a few ring tune services to a telecom company in Cambodia. Not long after, it failed because there were too few qualified people to work for his company. “This is a disadvantage of a new type of business because there is no school providing the courses” he said.

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From that, Sopheak leant how to move faster and train more people. He learnt how to deal with people, find funding and so on. Today, AM employs more than 120 people. He added, “they are young. What I can do for them is to provide them jobs from which they can earn money to support their studies and family.”

Last few weeks, Sopheak expands his business to Mozambique, Africa. So far, as I know, he is one of very few Cambodian businessmen who spreads out their businesses to another country. “Probably, he is the first to make it in Africa,” Va Vireak, President of JCI Phnom Penh 2011.

Honestly, I learn so many things from him during our conversation. One of which I can still feel the most impact on me is the self-value or self-esteem mentality. “Once we do something, people will always have words to talk about, negative and positive. No need care about others because only you know you more than anyone else.” he ended.

In the video, Sopheak will tell us his experience and recommendation in doing businesses in Cambodia. The conversation focus on four areas:
1- His general aspect of entrepreneurship in Cambodia.
2- His reasons to get into the business he is running now.
3- Challenges that he faced from the beginning.
4- His recommendation to young Cambodian people.




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