Frangipani, from a risk-free Small Investment to a Hotel Chain

(This was originally written in 2013)

Mr. Din Somethearith obtained his master degree of urban management from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.

Currently, Thearith is a co-founder and a chief executive officer (CEO) of Frangipani Living Art Hotels. He and his two other friends own eight hotels in premium districts of Siem Reap town and Phnom Penh city.

His idea about businesses is critical, yet practical. “ASEAN 2015 is considered as a threat to some groups of people. However, it is a great opportunity for me and my businesses. For those who are not ready, they should be worried and start preparing themselves from now.” He said.

Hearing his words, at first, I felt a bit skeptical. He seemed to be ignoring his surrounding. After hearing his explanation, I think he is convincingly right. We should have been aware that global competition has already happened since Cambodia was opened to the world in 1992. Want or not! We can’t stop it. The royal government of Cambodia also introduces this in Regional Integration policy in the triangle strategy phase II.

We all should have also known that Cambodia is one of the most potential countries to invest in Asia. 70% of Cambodian population are under 40 years old. Our people are desired to be successful and achieve big things. However, there is nothing achievable without readiness.

Youths should prepare themselves. Language, life, and technical skills are the main key factors for future challenges. Another instance, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) should also start adapting new technology and business environment in order to be ready for upcoming rivals.

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In the video, Mr. Somethearith will present his belief, principle and recommendation about entrepreneurship in Cambodia.



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