How Rich People Educate their Children is what we Should Learn

Last week, I interviewed a humble 23 years old entrepreneur, Phou Kok Khay, who three months ago started another new restaurant “The MOU”. It is located along road 360 and in front of BELTIE institute.

While others view restaurants as places to eat and drink, he besides sees it as a workstation for students and business people. That is one of the reason why his design looks like an office space, instead of a dining room.

Khay was born in a Chinese family owning many successful businesses such as transportation, restaurants and guesthouses. The moment he opened his eyes to see this world, entrepreneurship spirit had been surrounding him already. Therefore, he never thought about working for others. Though he studied in and graduated from college of laws (RULE), he seems not be willing to do anything with that, but considers it as an additional knowledge to his business life.

What inspires me most is that he, as a rich kid, has ambitions and dreams. I have seen so many rich kids hanging around and do nothing with their lives while living in abundance. But Khay is the opposite. He has been planning many things. He wants to achieve his dream and prove that he can do something for himself and others. Personally, it seems to me that the world needs more people like him, doesn’t it?

I asked him, “what is your opinion about business context in Cambodia?”

He said, “There are lot of opportunities. As long as ones have resources and ability to start, they will be successful… [for more please refer to the video below]”

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There is no doubt that during the past years, Cambodia shows significant signs of development, especially infrastructures and entrepreneurship movement among young people. There are so many small businesses set up around town. Debate about social enterprises have been put into agenda in different discussions. And there are so many networking events happening all around.

People almost always ask, “are these young people likely to succeed in the coming years without helps and guidance?” Of course, personally, I think it is 10% YES and 90% NO. Therefore, they must seek support from people who has more experience or seniors and participate in entrepreneurial communities, for example, Junior Chamber International (JCI), SmallWorld, AIESEC and so on. While these organisations or communities, at the same time, should continue to disseminate information and open more opportunities for them to learn and grow.



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