There is ONLY one Factor that brings Success to Both Life and Businesses?

(This was originally written in 2013)

After working for private companies for 15 years, he reached a peak in his career. Then he decided to become a CEO of his company rather than being a CEO of other’s company.

Mr. Siet Sisopheak, a managing director of Active Event Management (AEM), gave us an opportunity to learn from his experience as an entrepreneur through the interview video below.

Sopheak mentioned four main points that empowered him to choose his entrepreneurial path and be successful.

Passion: was what had been with him since childhood. He liked traveling and communicating. Therefore, he chose the university major that allowed him to stay with his passion. After graduating, he also sought work that allowed him to follow his dream, and finally, he decided to jump out of his successful career and started the business that he was passionate about.

Team: was another significant factor needed to take into account. Without strong team who had the same vision, similar passion and qualified skills, it was almost impossible for AEM to exist and grow like today.

Willingness to learn and do-it-now spirit: was a developing mechanism for team members. We have to accept that, in this information technology era, things move really fast. Thus, each member must learn things fast and do it fast. Otherwise, someone else will grab the opportunity.

Entrepreneurship spirit: according to Sopheak, it must be born with. It is not taught in school at all. To him, entrepreneurship is the inborn ability to transform what we have into something else that produce more profit or impact than what it is. There is no wait, DO IT NOW!

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During the interview, he also provided a lot of great advice for young Cambodians who want to jump into business. See the video below



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