Why Everyone Should Be learning in order to Maintain long term success?

(This was originally done in 2013)

Started with two employees, today, Sophiya Corporation employs more than one hundred young Cambodians.

Last week, I had another great opportunity to meet Mrs. SREAT Mom Sophear, a managing director of Sophiya Corp.

Sophear was born in a Chinese business family. In her family, it was believed that daughters should not study too much. She should just stay home, do housework and learn how to be a good wife. But she couldn’t accept the idea because she had her own dream. A dream that one day she would be a successful business woman.

To avoid the family norm, she sought ways to get what she wanted. She was extremely passionate about studying, but not because of the study itself, rather because it was an important tool for her to avoid the trap.

Graduating in 2001 from Norton University, majoring in Finance, Sophea decided to go out and work. She knew that if she wanted to run her own company, her parents would not support her. So she had to work and save money to run her company. The first company that she worked for was a tour company. After 2 years, she decided to apply for another job as a flight attendant in an Airline company and got promoted to be secretary general of the General Manager later on.

While she was working for the airline company in 2005, it was also the right time for her to start her own company. She employed two people to work for her. She could take care her company only when she was available from her full-time job.

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Today, in 2013, Sophiya Corp., employs more than 100 hundred staff. To know more, please see the video in which she will talk about her experience and concept about entrepreneurship.



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