You Like Fast Foods? Think again after watching this video.

According to PhnomPenh Post, the Cambodian Fast Food Market is worth about 40millions a year (stated in 2010). So what is the growth now in 2015? I strongly believe it is worth extremely bigger due to the gigantic number of fast food restaurants established at the moment.

It is simply a concern that everyone should not ignore. Cambodians are new to global information and knowledge. Our people are easily influenced by foreign cultures, especially the western.

Fast food was initiated in those western countries due to the lightning speed in striving to survive. People literally did not have much time to spend, but work and work. In contrast, we take fast food because it is western lifestyle and we believe it is a way to enjoy life. Dangerous thought and action!

Here are top 10 fast foods fact you may need to KNOW.

1. Fast Food causes extreme obesity which killed approximately 240,000 people annually in USA.

2. Certain fast food chain fries are riddled with preservatives to prevent any sort of bacterial or mold growth. In this case it lasts for over three years.

3. In a study it was found the average fast food consumer ingests around 12 pubic hairs a year.

4. Cheese products labeled as processed are actually loaded with additives, chemicals and flavoring that make up 49 percent of the product. Half the product isn’t even cheese.

5. One patty from a burger can contain meat from up to 100 different cattle.

6. Some fast food chains’ burgers look identical after 14 years of aging. What are we really eating?

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7. The chicken is primarily fat mixed in with blood vessels and nerves. In fact 55 percent of the chicken is fat; the rest is feathers, skin and corn with chemicals, preservatives, hydrogenated fats and petroleum. Oh, and it is washed in ammonia.

8. In many fast food restaurants the food carries over. Leftovers, anyone?

9. You know those yummy burger pics that you see on billboards and at countless fast food restaurants? Well, those are airbrushed….

10. Food dyes are commonly found in fast food joints. Did you know that food dyes can actually alter your kids’ behavior?

The following are full documentary of Fast Food in America. We are now walking on their paths, yet we often ignore the consequences that these countries are facing. Let us all not be ignorant anymore!

I also can say this is a good opportunity for local entrepreneurs to fill the gap by operating healthy eating restaurants or café.



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